3D Laser Scanning: Overview

By using the most advanced techniques in 3D laser scanning, our team captures comprehensive, as-built measurements in high resolution. Our scanners collect up to 1 million 3D measurements every second. Each measurement represents a point in space, and the collection of measurements is called a point-cloud. Designers, architects, engineers and others can quickly integrate this data into their project for fast, accurate BIM Models and other construction documents. Project applications include:

  • Architectural and Structural Scanning
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Scans for Commercial Projects
  • Scanning for Power and Energy Plants
  • Construction Verification and Monitoring
  • Specialized Projects

Construction Point Layout & Validation

Validating the BIM coordination model throughout construction, using laser scanning, is a progressive approach to ensure the model is within tolerance of the as-constructed conditions of a project. If any out-of-tolerance installation errors are discovered, the BIM model can be updated to reflect the accurate as-built conditions. This process will help prevent costly on-site changes and prefabrication errors, as well as enable the delivery of an accurate BIM model to the owner.

Through BIM Point Layout, it is possible to minimize the disconnect between the coordinated BIM model and trade contractors in field. Manual layout is vastly prone to human error, which deteriorates the accuracy of the BIM model over the duration of a construction schedule. By incorporating survey point layout in the BIM coordination process, owners and contractors will see increased efficiency, smarter ways to accomplish tasks, better control of cost and time variance and higher value at a similar or decreased overall cost.

Scan to BIM

Until recently, any 3D model built from measurements of existing structures was suspect because taking measurements was tedious, prone to errors, expensive and often dangerous. No longer.

After scanning, Egan converts the point-cloud data to a precise 3D model. We can build models at any level of detail our clients need, from simple structural models to finely detailed, complex MEP models. 


We use Leica ScanStation P40 scanners and Leica MS60 Multistation surveying equipment. These tools offer the industry’s best combination of accurate measurements, longest ranges and fastest speeds. We can maintain +/-1.2 mm accuracy at an 800-foot range.