Smarter, Leaner Construction

Smarter, Leaner Construction

Egan is unique as West Michigan's largest and only mechanical contractor to offer a full suite of internal services that includes plumbing, piping, HVAC sheet metal, design, engineering, fabrication, building and industrial controls, facility maintenance, 24/7 service and construction technology solutions.

We combine our 100+ years of construction industry experience with industry-leading technology and lean construction practices to bring the most value to every project.

Our technology ensures accuracy and quality. With more than 20 years of BIM implementation and in-house laser scanning capabilities, we use technology to remove human error from construction, which means your project is built correctly the first time.

In-house fabrication makes us efficient. We construct pipe spools and modular packages in our shop, which is faster, safer and less expensive than construction in the field.

We've got the most experience. Our employees have been with us an average of 10 years, which is no surprise considering we've been rated one of the country's Best & Brightest Companies To Work For. From our certified welders to our Registered Professional Engineers, our team is skilled, trained and experienced.

Let us show you how our single-source services can add value to your next commercial, industrial or institutional project.