Smarter, Leaner Construction

We fabricate spools, skid packages and plumbing racks for projects whenever we can, whether they’re headed around the world or just a few miles away. Why? The controlled environment of our 60,000 square-foot shop – which has equipment not accessible on job sites – gives us greater quality control, speeds up construction schedules and improves safety.

Plumbing Fabrication

  • Domestics and Carriers
  • Medical Gas
  • Racks
  • Water Drops
  • Other Plumbing Systems 

With the support of our in-house mechanical engineers, BIM specialists and controls technicians, Egan is able to modularize traditional construction projects. In fact, we’ve built two full energy plants in our shop that were installed at sites in California using modular fabrication methods.

AJE always shows their commitment to their workmanship and customer service. The Egan staff is professional and knowledgeable... There are many types of contractors I have worked with in the past 37 years, but Egan has been one of the absolute best and it is why we continue to work with them on projects from our home base in California.

President and General Manager, Edeniq

Modular Fabrication Packages

Our fabrication capabilities create efficiencies for our field installations. Just watch how we installed 4,000 linear feet of pipe in 2 days. But fabrication is also available as a standalone service. We fabricate:

  • Pump Packages
  • Heat Exchanger Packages
  • CIP Packages
  • Filter Packages
  • Steam Systems
  • Modular Pipe Packages
  • Modular Process Plants

Weld Certifications

We are an ASME code shop fabricating all products to meet ASME standards. Egan holds the following certifications and stamps:

  • ASME S and U code stamps
  • National Board Inspection Code R stamp
  • PED Certified (European standards)
  • API 1104 weld procedures
  • AWS D1.1

Egan performs the following certified weld procedures:

  • Tig (GTAW)
  • Orbital (GTAW)
  • Mig (GMAW and FCAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Submerged Arc (SAW)
  • Brazing (OFW)

Egan's 24/7 service offerings include emergency weld repairs. Call 1-800-594-9244 or learn more.

Modern Facilities

Our 60,000 square-foot fabrication shop includes modern equipment that makes us efficient:

Take a tour of our fabrication shop and capabilities in this video.

Scanning for Fabrication

3D scanning of fabrication packages is available from Egan's in-house laser scanning specialists. Learn more about our process, whic provides fast, precise measurements and high level of quality control.