Mar 6 2023

Orchard View Alumni Share Homeowner Skills with High Schoolers

Muskegon, Mich.—Two graduates of the Orchard View High School Class of 1996 returned to their alma mater earlier this year to share some professional knowledge and hands-on lessons with current students. Scott Plummer and Ryan Bennett were invited by teacher Ryan Wilson to be guest presenters in his new class, which teaches students basic skills they will need as homeowners, such as framing, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

Plummer is the branch manager at Pressures & Pipes, sister company to mechanical contractor Andy J. Egan Co., and Bennett is the business manager for UA Local 174 Plumbers and Pipefitters. The two trades professionals were able to provide hands-on lessons for the students that included soldering copper pipe, cutting and gluing PVC drainpipes, and using a crimp tool to assemble PEX pipe.

The hands-on learning supplemented Plummer’s presentation on home plumbing systems. He explained the various ways in which water enters a home, as well as how sewage and grey water leaves the home and where it goes. Students also learned how to shut off water in a home, what a water meter looks like and how it tracks and charges for water use, and what types of pipes they might encounter within a home.

“Our presentation was well-received by the students,” said Plummer, who hopes to present in Wilson’s future classes. “In addition to teaching real-world skills, it also gave students some exposure to what career opportunities exist in the plumbing trades.”

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