Nov 20 2018

Egan Introduces JobPointe, a Digital Workforce Management Tool for the Construction Industry

Mechanical contractor and fabricator Andy J. Egan Co. (Egan) has introduced JobPointe, a web-based software for employee management and project assignment. The digital workforce management tool is designed to allow construction firms of all sizes to assign and track skilled tradespeople to specific construction projects and job sites.

The path to creating JobPointe began when Egan, a leader in construction technology, was looking for an alternative to the spreadsheets and whiteboards they were currently using to track their project teams. Existing solutions didn’t meet the company’s needs. They primarily served industries that required shift scheduling, and not the long-term project assignment and labor forecasting needs of the construction industry. After initially creating JobPointe for internal use, other contractors expressed interest in similar solutions. In response, Egan developed a platform that could be adopted by others in the construction industry.

“For nearly 100 years, our company has been known for its innovation,” says Amy Jones, Egan’s Vice President and head of human resources. “But until recently, we managed our jobsite crews with white boards, post-in notes and endless spreadsheets. We found that most of our peers used the same methods, so we created JobPointe to end this inefficiency. Now we’re making the solution available to other businesses.”

This dynamic tool allows human resource departments and project managers to:

  • Identify the best team for every job through filters customizable to their business.
  • See at a glance average anticipated labor costs per job.
  • Communicate staffing changes instantly to the employees, their managers and other affected stakeholders.
  • Run more effective staffing meetings.
  • Generate custom reports based on current and future labor needs.

To learn more, visit or email for a free demonstration and 30-day trial.

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