Mar 15 2016

3D Imaging Services Joins Egan Family of Companies

Mechanical contractor and fabricator Andy J. Egan Co. (Egan) is growing its family of companies with the acquisition of 3D Imaging Services, a construction technology company that specializes in providing digital documentation utilizing advanced 3D imaging technologies, as-built modeling, facilities management solutions and more, for the architectural, engineering, construction and facilities management communities across the country.

Like Egan, 3D Imaging Services is known for staying on the cutting edge – even bleeding edge – of technology trends that make renovation, new construction, engineering and facilities management more efficient and less costly. Founded in 2006, 3D Imaging Services has strict quality processes that keep all aspects of the company’s services in house. This sets the company apart from other 3D laser scanning companies that may purchase scanning equipment, but then outsource the modeling process to overseas companies and engineers. 3D Imaging Services’ reputation for quality work has made the company one of the top laser scanning companies in the country.

Five years ago, Egan began working with 3D Imaging Services for projects that required laser scanning, and the company quickly became its preferred vendor. “Their approach to construction technology is very similar to Egan’s,” says Chris Weaver, Egan’s Director of Technology. “When we first implemented BIM in 2001, it changed the way Egan operated. In order to fully integrate new construction technology into the company, Egan invested significant time into integrating that technology with our company culture. 3D Imaging Services shares this perspective, and once we began working together, they became a natural extension of our business.”

The cultural and technological similarities between the two companies made the decision to form a business partnership an easy one. While 3D Imaging Services will operate as a separate LLC, customers of both companies will experience seamless integration in service, along with improved construction and renovation technology and processes, which aids facilities management teams.

Following the acquisition, 3D Imaging Services’ Flint office and employees will relocate to Egan’s Grand Rapids Headquarters. For more information on solutions from 3D Imaging Services, visit or call 810-410-9010.

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