Oct 30 2017

POWER-GEN Attendees Can Experience Two New Construction Technology Tools at Andy J. Egan Co. Booth

Mechanical contractor and fabricator Andy J. Egan Co. (Egan) will introduce to the industry at POWER-GEN International two new construction technology tools: high resolution reality capture from its sister company, 3D Imaging Services (3DIS), and JobPointe, a web-based software for employee management and project assignment.

At POWER-GEN Booth #10908 from Dec. 5-8 in Las Vegas, Egan will demonstrate how using laser scanning technology from 3DIS is bridging the gap between BIM models and what really takes place on the construction site. The technology quickly captures millions of highly accurate 3D measurements, guaranteeing precisely fabricated components for both retrofit projects and new construction. Attendees can view Egan’s recently completed power projects where the use of 3D laser scanning expedited schedules, reduced job site labor and identified costly errors before they were executed in the field.

Egan’s headquarters in Grand Rapids, Mich., boasts a 60,000 square-foot fabrication shop that supplies the power industry with pipe spools, pipe racks and turnkey skid packages. At Egan, in-house 3D laser scanning is transforming the fabrication process with quality scans at key points of the fabrication process. The quality scans eliminate the human error in standard measurement techniques, which reduces both field rework and facility outage time.

Egan’s ASME-certified welders are experienced in power projects such as compressor stations, power plants, city gates and more. Customers and projects in the power energy include Alstom, Barton Malow, Burns & McDonnell, Consumers Energy, DTE, Duke Energy, Eaton, GE, Jacobs, Kiewit, Miron, Mitsubishi and Siemens.

Egan will also be introducing and demonstrating JobPointe, an easy to use, customizable, web-based software for managing the employees assigned to a business’s projects. This dynamic employee planning tool allows users to:

  • Identify the best team for every job through filters customizable to their business.
  • See at a glance average anticipated labor costs per job.
  • Communicate staffing changes instantly to the employees, their managers and other affected stakeholders.
  • Run more effective staffing meetings.
  • Generate custom reports based on current and future labor needs.

“For nearly 100 years, our company has been known for its innovation,” says Amy Jones, Egan’s Vice President. “But until recently, we managed our jobsite crews with white boards, post-in notes and endless spreadsheets. We found that most of our peers used the same methods, so we created JobPointe to end this inefficiency. Now we’re making the solution available to other businesses.”

POWER-GEN International attendees can learn more about both 3D Imaging Services (www.3DIS.com) and JobPointe (www.JobPointe.com) at booth #10908, or email info@andyegan.com to schedule an appointment during the show.